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What is an online/E-Design, interior design service?

It’s an interior design service package, where communication is by e-mail and telephone. No home visits are necessary as you’ll receive online everything you require and more, you can then implement your unique design yourself and in your own time. This method saves you time and money. Our design fee is visible and clear without any extras or hidden costs.

Why is your E-Design service so affordable?

You are required to do a little measuring, a bit of sketching and take a few photos. Therefore this eliminates the need for home visits. You’re also assisting our design team, so it cut’s down the costs. This makes Clare Holland Interior Creations, E-design service very affordable.

Who is going to design my room?

Clare or one of her fully qualified and experienced interior designers will personally and solely create your unique room design.

Will my room design be exclusive to just me?

Yes, we will design your room exclusively for you. We’ll take into account your families personality, lifestyle and budget. Your room design will be unique. Your room will be designed using all the information you provided on the design brief. It will also be tailored to the room measurements, photos and floor plan sketch you provided.

Will the actual paint, fabric, wallpaper etc used in my room design are the same shade once in situ as they look in my e-room design?

We will include all product information with your new room design. Therefore you can easily order samples to be sent to you, before you purchase the products.

What if I have difficulty uploading the measurements, sketches and photos to you?

Please e-mail or telephone us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

How long does it take to receive my room design?

Once we’ve received all your photos, measurements, floor plan sketch and the fully completed client brief, you’ll receive a notification via email. Your unique room design will be with you within 21 days, though usually before this time. If you do need it sooner, just let us know and we’ll try our very best to accommodate this.

What happens if I don’t like my Room Design?

Clare and her interior designers really want you to be completely satisfied with your unique room design, which we’ve created for you. If you’re not happy with your unique room design, please email Clare with your concerns and she’ll personally alter the design to meet your full satisfaction.

Where do I buy the products featured in my unique Room Design?

All products used in your unique room design can be purchased online from well established retailers and well know suppliers. We also take into account where you live when recommending products/materials. Therefore in some cases you can visit the supplier/retailer.

What if I don’t want to take photos, measurements or sketch a floor plan of my room? Will I still be able to order a room design from you?

Yes you still can. It will mean the unique room design will be generic rather than customized. It will still look fantastic though!

What happens to my personal information and photos?

Clare Holland Interior Creations can assure you, you’re personal information, photos etc, will not be passed to any other Companies. It will be stored by us only.

How do I pay for your E-design Interior Design Service?

Choose the interior design service you would like, click on "book now" and complete the form. Your selected interior designer will contact you to complete the design brief. Once completed an invoice will be e-mailed to you, with full payment information.

Do you accept clients outside the U.K?

Yes we do for the E-design/online service, we’ll be more than happy to create a wonderful design for you. Please make it clear on any measurements what unit you have used, i.e. millimetres, inches etc.

If you have any further questions which haven’t been answered by the FAQ’S, please telephone or drop us an e-mail. We’ll e-mail you back as soon as we possibly can.




Clare came up with some very creative designs for my old furniture. I followed her detailed instructions and voila! quote-icon-close.png

Tracy B from Liverpool


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