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Clare Holland - Owner


Clare Holland qualified as an Interior Designer at the prestigious National Design Academy in Nottingham.  She gained a Diploma in Interior Design and a further Diploma in professional curtain making and soft furnishings.

Clare works from her interior design studio in Derby, overseeing all her clients projects to ensure full satisfaction. Holding regular meetings with her trusted interior designers and ensuring she is fully involved in each project.

Clare has gained a wealth of experience in interior design. This stems from initially renovating her own homes, to producing and implementing unique room designs for her clients.

Clare’s academic qualifications and practical experience, have given her the invaluable knowledge to produce the perfect design. She understands how Important it is to gather the full information in her client brief, which includes their personality and incorporate it in her designs. Along with this, the design needs to be stunning visually, comfortable, practical and cost-effective.

As a client of Clare’s, you can expect a highly professional and efficient service, with amazing results.

Welcome to our friendly, qualified and experienced team of interior designers. Clare has provided introductions from a selection of some of our talented designers.

GEMMA ROWLAND   -  Online Interior Design Specialist                                                        

 “I’m inspired by the successful juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional décor and passionate about creating stylish, individually tailored spaces" 

Gemma has proved to be a great asset to the team . She studied set design at Nottingham Trent University before adding a further qualification in interior design from JD Campus, London. She has a professional background in technical drawing and enjoys using these skills when planning the layout of a space.

Gemma works from her design studio in Nottingham. Previously she worked as an Interior Designer for Dulux Amazing Space, Dulux’s new interior design service, where she gained a wealth of experience in creating designs for customers with a vast variety of budgets, styles and property types.

Gemma Rowland

Introducing Interior Designer Paulina Siedlecka.  

Being a creative individual design has always been a big part of my career ,  Having grown up in London I obtained my degree in Interior Design and now am able to bring my ample experience in high- end residential and boutique Hospitality to the Academy.  In addition to working within the industry , I have also been working with the Academy since last September and am really enjoying sharing my experience and knowledge with aspiring Interior Designers

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Introducing interior designer Yvette Anderson

Yvette has a passion and natural flare for interior designing which stemmed from her own home renovations, this expanded to family, friends and friends of friends. Yvette also studied at the National Design Academy in Nottingham and has a Diploma in professional interior design. Yvette is based in her studio in the Mansfield area of Nottinghamshire, and specialises in luxurious contemporary schemes however is very versatile. She also has experience in upcycling and is very confident and experienced in project management.

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Introducing interior designer Emma Cockroft

Emma comes from a family of property developers; living in 15 houses in 3 countries while growing up. A BSc in Photography was her next step on the road toward her career as an interior designer, followed by a number of years designing dental and medical practices. A move from Cheltenham to West Bridgford in Nottingham. and the purchase of a Victorian property in need of a complete refurbishment, inspired her transition from commercial to residential interior design, and a push toward a formal qualification with a Diploma in Professional Interior Design from the National Design Academy in Nottingham, along with additional courses in the use of 2D and 3D software that allow her to produce visuals that communicate the essence of a design to clients prior to implementation. 

"There is nothing more rewarding than working with a client to help them to transform a house into their dream home. People are busy, and they have their day jobs to focus on; my job is to lead my clients through a process to help them to identify what works for them and what doesn't, and to put a plan together that demonstrates how the right interior design plan will transform their houses into comfortable, beautiful homes."

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" We'd never used an interior designer before, but the experience we had with CHIC certainly validated our decision to use a designer for our sitting room. Emma was assigned to us and was helpful from start to finish. Right from the initial meeting it was very collaborative, with Emma taking time to understand our requirements. Then when the final boards were presented, we loved the suggestions put forward. Overall, a friendly service that was quick to respond to any queries along the way and obviously genuinely cared about ensuring clients were happy ". Fully recommended. 

(Graham R - East Bridgford) 


Introducing Interior Designer & Architect Beatriz Hidalgo

After moving to Birmingham, Beatriz has been working as a Freelance Interior Designer providing consultancy to other companies and individuals for their homes and stores. She is an Architect who has worked as an Interior Designer mostly in residential projects and has knowledge in small retail shops, coffee shops and takeaways. She has worked for three years plus in an Architecture and Interior Design firm, where she handled the design process and project management for every project she had managed.  Whilst incorporating all her academic and professional experience, her goal is to create a space you’ll love to live in, whilst giving you her unconditional support throughout the process.


My daughter and I loved the final result and the little finishing touches. I would gladly recommend Clare for your projects quote-icon-close.png

Sarah T from Derbyshire


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