Three things we require from you

Draw your floor plan and sketch relevant furniture items

  • Don’t worry it only needs to be rough and readable. 
  • Show all doors in the room (which way they open), windows, radiators, fireplaces, built-in-cupboards, sanitary ware and sockets.
  • Label your plan.
  • Take your measurements in metres, centimetres or millimetres and give as much information as possible (see the example plan).
  • Measure the ceiling height.
  • Measure the distance from the floor to all windows together with window height and width.
  • If you have ceiling beams, like the room in the example, draw dotted lines to show the position.
  • Please state which direction your room faces (North, East etc.)
  • If you would like to keep any furniture items or you’re selecting the upcycle package, please measure and take photos of your items. Please see example for measurement requirements. You can sketch them onto your floor plan or separately. If you prefer you can just write them down for us.

Take room photos

Please take as many photos as possible to incorporate the whole of your room. To achieve this, stand at the corner of your room facing towards the centre and take photos moving around the room, so all angles are covered.
If you’ve selected one of the upcycle packages, please take as many photos as possible, of your furniture items from different angles. Close up ones are also required.

Complete design brief

Please complete this as fully as possible and include any extra information you think is relevant. If you’ve selected the upcycle package with room design, please complete the room design brief and the upcycle brief. If you have any trade accounts, please provide the retailer/supplier name and discount amounts.

Scan or post your documents


Please put your name, postcode and e-mail address on all documents.
Scan and e-mail to


Please put your name, postcode and e-mail address on all documents. Please post to the following address:

Clare Holland Interior Creations
38 Princes Drive
DE23 6DW

Floor plan example


Furniture measuring examples







Wow, Thank you so much, we love the transformation. Our house now feels like our home & I can’t stop smiling! quote-icon-close.png

Lucy Jones, Derbyshire


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